Point to Point Wireless Networks

Point to Point Wireless Networks

A secure solution to connect sites with wireless LAN

Connecting two or more buildings often becomes impossible if cabling must be done.

Advanced IT is well equipped to advise, on the feasibility of setting up Wireless Networks between sites. These wireless LAN can be anywhere from 20 meters to 20 kilometers.

Cost implications are far less that what clients normally expect from a wireless LAN and the deployment of these solutions are less disruptive to business and can be done with very short lead times.

Wireless LAN of this nature allows for huge data throughput and are commonly used where businesses occupy more than one building and need to be connected wireless.wirless lan

The only drawback of wireless LAN are that it is subject to “Line of Sight” between the sites. Where this is not possible, repeater stations can be deployed but is generally discouraged as unattended wireless LAN sites are subject to vandalism, theft and are sometimes difficult to access in emergencies.

Typical use of such links include:

  • VoIP links
  • Data links
  • Video streaming for surveillance CCTV solutions

Advantages include:

  • Affordability
  • Zero cost for bandwidth
  • Huge bandwidth
  • Quick deployment and is very Robust.

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